Post Processing Algorithms
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Vinjey Spectrogram (VSPEC)
Vinjey Spectrogram (VSPEC) is VINJEY's implementation of Spectrogram. The audio decoder samples at before IDCT are passed through VSPEC at pre-defined spectrum bands ( 30 bands configured) in real-time to provide spectral analysis with amplitude level in dB and frequency bin information with post processing algorithms. VSPEC algorithm has been developed from scratch keeping in mind MIPS and memory requirements of resource constrained embedded devices .
Product Flowchart (BP_FC):

Encoded Audio Stream (VAAC/ VWMA/ VOV/ VMP3)

SPECTRAL OUTPUT (Amplitude - dB, Frequency Bin - Hz)

Salient Features:
  • Available on number of RISC/DSP platforms
  • MIPS and Memory Optimized implementation
  • Simple API and Interface for decoding
  • Sample Application to aid faster integration
  • Extensively tested
  • Bit accurate PC Code
  • 24 Bit Output Support
  • Sampling rate supported : 48000 / 44100 Hz
  • Number of audio channels supported : Mono / Stereo channels
  • Audio Channel format supported : Interleaved
  • Number of Spectrogram bands supported : 30 bands
  • VSPEC documents
  • VSPEC trial version
We are currently working on porting and optimizing VSPEC onto more platforms apart from the platforms listed above. For more information or product flyer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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