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Vinjey Sample Rate Converter (VSRC)
Vinjey Sample Rate Converter (VSRC) is VINJEY's implementation of Sample Rate Converter. The audio samples will be up-sampled or down-sampled based on the configured input and output sampling rates in real-time. VSRC algorithm has been developed from scratch keeping in mind MIPS and memory requirements of resource constrained embedded devices . The VSRC algorithm assures the full accuracy conversion rate with superior audio quality.
Product Flow Chart (BP_FC) (High Quality – Vinjey Sample Rate Converter)

Input PCM Stream ( @ inputSamplingRate )

Salient Features:
  • Available on number of RISC/DSP platforms
  • MIPS and Memory Optimized implementation
  • Simple API and Interface for decoding
  • Sample Application to aid faster integration
  • Extensively tested
  • Bit accurate PC Code
  • 24 Bit Output Support
  • Input sampling rate supported : 8000/11025/12000/16000/22050/24000/ 88200/96000 Hz
  • Output sampling rate supported :48000 / 44100 / 32000 Hz
  • Number of audio channels supported : Mono / Stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 channels
  • Audio Channel format supported :Interleaved / Non – Interleaved
  • VSRC audio bit-depth supported : 16 bit / 24 bit
  • VSRC documents
  • VSRC trial version
We are currently working on porting and optimizing VSRC onto more platforms apart from the platforms listed above. For more information or product flyer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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