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FLACE is VINJEY's implementation of Flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Encoder. Flac is royalty-free audio format from xiph.org foundation for compressing the PCM samples in lossless format. .

FLACE is an independent implementation of FLAC Encoder that has been developed by VINJEY Software from scratch, in accordance with MIPS and Memory requirement of resource constrained embedded devices. It also provides an innovative trade-off between encoding speed and compression ratio. FLACE has been tested towards all applicable tests listed in http://flac.cvs.sourceforge.net/flac/flac/test/ and found to be working fine.

Salient Feature’s
  • Available on number of RISC/DSP platforms.
  • MIPS and Memory Optimized implementation.
  • Simple API and Interface for decoding.
  • Sample Application to aid faster integration.
  • Trade-off between compression ratio and resource.
  • Fixed speed encoding.
  • Comprehensive error handling.
  • Extensively Tested.
  • Bit Accurate PC Code.
  • Reentrant.
  • ARM-9E
  • Davinci (DM64xx) / C64x+ DSP
  • TMS320C54x DSP
  • TMS320C55x DSP
  • TMS320C62x DSP
  • TMS320C64x DSP
  • TMS320C67x DSP
We are currently working on porting and optimizing VFLAC Encoder onto more platforms apart from the platforms listed above. For more information or product flyer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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