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NEWS Dec '06
Las Vegas Marriott suites
325 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, nevada 89109 USA
Phone: 1-702-650-2000

January 8-11, 2007


We would like to invite you to drop by our suite at CES in Las Vegas this January at the Marriott Suites just across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Reach VINJEY for any Multimedia Product or Support

VINJEY targets to aid the demand for high quality multimedia solutions by exploiting the current and upcoming technologies. We will match your requirements through our unique innovative solutions

VFLAC is VINJEY's implementation of Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) Decoder. FLAC is royalty-free audio format from xiph.org foundation team for compressing the PCM samples in lossless format.

VINJEY's CODEC - Audio/Video/Speech

Demo of Ogg Vorbis, Ogg theora, Flac on Davinci Platform
Get the trial version of all codecs absolutely free
Low foot print, Royalty free codecs on ARM, TMS350Cxxx, ZSP, Blackfin

VINJEY's Customer Wrappout

Product realisation, customization, migration, integration or any service

See all of our products atwww.vinjey.net

Visit VINJEY suites to percieve VINJEY's innovation solutions. We're eager to get our meetings scheduled prior to the holiday rush. Please contact me to set a time to visit the demonstration suite.