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NEWS Dec '04
Flash File System

VINJEY has Flash File System Implementations with the support for wide variety of NAND and NOR Flash Devices. VINJEY Flash File System Implementation provide various features that will help in increasing the life-time and performance of the product

Sailent Feature’s
  • Bad Block Management
  • Wear Leveling
  • Garbage Collection
  • Support for Delayed write & Blocklevel write
  • Optimized cluster management
  • Configurable Buffer Manager
  • Supports Long file names
  • Well tested and Readily usable
  • Optimized for memory and MIPS
  • Comes with complete source code
  • Source code is simple and easy to understand
  • Provision to hook custom device driver

  • TMS320C6000 DSP
  • Intel x86

API Document

Application Programming Interface document for Flash Filesystem is available for download. Mail us for more details
mail us.